The School District of Cheltenham Township provides busing to many of its students, and by Pennsylvania law to students from the District that attend private schools located within 10 miles of a border of the District. Analysis shows that on a per student basis, the transportation costs for the School District were the third highest in Pennsylvania from 501 school districts in 2004-2005 and were more than twice the cost on a per student basis of the costs paid by the Abington School District. For the period between 1995-1996 and 2004-2005, the cost of transportation increases for the School District of Cheltenham Township far outpaced the transportation cost increases for most other Pennsylvania school districts including the Abington School District.

According to 2005 U.S. Census data, out of 13,750 school districts that had transportation expenses, the School District of Cheltenham Township ranked 335 highest or in the 97th percentile on a per student basis. 179 of the school districts that ranked above the School District of Cheltenham Township as having higher per student transporation costs had fewer than 100 students, meaning that these districts likely had high transportation costs per student due to the few students served.

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Page revised 06.10.07